About us

The company “Rabar” was founded in 1991 with headquarters in town Asenovgrad. Since its founding, the company is busy with the casting of non – ferous metals. The staff of the company consists of young and skilled professionals who are trained to work in a team and on the requirements of the European Union. Our company has its own production plant of 6000 m2 of which 2000 m2 are equipped with the necessary communications .

The die-cast metal

The production technology of castings consists primarily of aluminum and zinc alloys, which are accompanied by a certificate about the quality and origin of the materials. The die-cast metal is one of the most common methods for obtaining castings in mechanical engineering, hydraulics, household appliances, locks, and hinges, etc. This is due to the many advantages over the other technological processes, some of which are : the opportunity, products having a complicated shape, dimensional stability, good mechanical properties of the castings, and low cost to maintain. The technical equipment of the company make it possible to obtain castings of all kinds of aluminum and zinc alloys.


We can casting details of 0.01 kg. to 15 kg

Machine equipment

Machine equipment for die casting:

  • МB 250t. -2 pcs.
  • TRUILZI 370t. -1 pcs.
  • POLAK 400t. -1 pcs.
  • POLAK 630t. 2 pcs.
  • POLAK 1000t. 1 pcs.

Cleaning machines:

  • Shoot blasting mashine -1 pcs.
  • Troval

Processing machines:

  • CNC machine tool center 5 shafts 2 pcs.
  • CNC machine tool center 4 shafts 5 pcs.
  • CNC machine tool center 3 shafts 2 pcs.
  • CNC lathe 7 shafts 1 pcs.
  • CNC lathe 4 shafts 2 pcs.
  • Wire Erosion Machine 4 shafts 2 pcs.
  • Wire Spark Erosion Machine 4 shafts 2 pcs.
  • Universal machines 18 pcs.