Processe of Die casting metals

Basic process of injection molding is composed of injecting a molten aluminum alloy at high pressure into a steel mold, called die. Casting machines are selected according to the parameters of the part. Our company has machines from 160 tons to 1000 tons. Whatever of their size, the main difference is the way in which molten metal is injected into the die.

Casting with hot chamber and cold chamber die

The cycle for the casting of parts is different. It depends mostly on the size of the part, based is from 15 seconds to 3 minutes.As big the part is, the more time is required for decompressing and crystallization. The bigger parts require more spraying of the sheath, and serves to cool, for good release and “not bonding” of the workpiece from the mold.

Die casting:

Die casting represents casting of aluminum and zinc alloys, steel casting pressforms. Die casting is designed for small and medium series of mass production of parts with a weight of 200 grams to 15 kg.

Mechanical processing of parts:

Cleaning and treatment of the castings, sand blasting, tumbling, turning, milling and grinding of castings